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Narrative therapy is a psychotherapy method that teaches people to become experts in their own life stories. It takes an approach of each person’s life to collect experiences and interactions that can be viewed as stories. We carry some of these stories around for the rest of our lives. By helping people understand the different stories, they can control their lives and live like they want to live.

Narrative therapy helps people understand their stories and see that there are always more underlying stories to tell. Stories embody hope, dreams, value, commitment, knowledge, skills, connections, love, resistance and so on. These factors help them develop encouragement and hope, which help them gain the strength to overcome hardship or trauma and control their lives.

We organise several workshops on narrative therapy throughout the year. We invite you to register for one of our classes. At the workshop, you will be working with trained expert facilitators in the field of narrative therapy. We strive to create a safe learning environment where you can learn and begin to implement narrative therapy lessons.

Workshops are a great way for narrative therapy to be taught or introduced to anyone who needs it. Participants can experience hands-on lessons in narrative therapy. The class-like setting allows the participant to go through a series of lessons and classes, some spanning days, coupled with individual or group activities that help to assimilate the lessons.

In any of our workshops, participants will be only be taught or trained by the expert. Still, they will also get evaluations and assessments from the facilitator, get answers to questions and have discussions. The workshop also provides an avenue to meet other narrative therapy enthusiasts and build relationships.

From our workshops, you can gain knowledge of,

  • An understanding of the ideas that form Narrative Therapy,
  • The role of stories and how they help shape our lives,
  • Encouraging discussing trauma in a way that does not re-traumatise the victim,
  • Ways to resist isolation and build togetherness,
  • Understanding trauma, PTSD and how to deal with it,
  • Learning strategies to develop care and accountability collectively,
  • Improving the accountability practices of communities,
  • Discovering and understanding responses to violence and resistance that people exhibit,
  • Understanding the theoretical framework of narrative therapy, and so much more.

Understanding the Practice of Externalisation and Reauthoring

Helping workers in public and private practice to discover the alternative practice of narrative therapy and so much more.

Register for any of our workshops online today. Our prices are affordable and pocket-friendly. Early can attract the early bird discount.

You can contact us via email or check our website for the latest information for more information and inquiries. Please note that you can join any of the classes via Zoom. We are currently working in line with the COVID-19 Precautions and Guidelines to ensure all participants’ safety. We expect all participants and students to obey the directives.

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