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Collaborative Supervision

Narrative Supervision is a form of collaborative supervision. The method is useful for a variety of workers and professionals in both private and public practice.

The founders, Gaye Stockell and Marilyn O’Neill have taken part in several conversations and supervision consultations with colleagues in their practices. They have taught and supervised at conferences, at home and abroad. They work with colleagues to develop their practices and develop the philosophical, ethical and theoretical bases that support their practices. They are very passionate and vastly experienced at the job.

Our narrative supervision is not made exclusively for workers and professionals who are trained in Narrative Therapy. Any professional can register for supervision. It is a safe space where any professional can take time to reflect on their practise while working alongside a supervisor either online or face to face.

Our narrative supervision is designed to help interested practitioners develop skills in applying narrative therapy and are currently using narrative ideas in their work. We also provide group supervision of clinical work and other works. We place a focus on understanding the theories of narrative practice. We help participants through reading programs and other activities to help them develop deeper understanding and skills.

We offer both individual and group supervisions for all those interested in being supervised in using the Narrative principles.

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Individual Supervision

The individual supervision is a one-on-one consultation with the supervisor. Designed for professionals seeking clinical supervision in narrative therapy, the professional can learn, develop, and account for their practice. This will improve their work with their consultees. During the supervision, the professional and supervisor can work together to acquire new understanding and develop new practices.

Group Supervision

We also provide supervision and consultation for groups. We can customise a session to accommodate the specific needs of an agency or organisation. Also, for those looking to enhance their narrative therapy skills, they can meet other people with similar interests in the group setting. Please note that to ensure efficiency and intimate experiences, the number of people accepted into each group session is limited.

Our supervision services are offered to a wide range of professionals from different fields and backgrounds such as family therapists, counsellors who work in fertility clinics, clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, genetic counsellors, social workers, coaches, therapists, etc.

They have provided training and supervision in the areas of mental health, family support, alcohol and drugs, community health, indigenous community health issues, prisons, asylum seekers, human trafficking victims, adoption, young offenders, human tracing, sexual assault and health, and so on.

If you need supervision, be sure to contact us today. We are more than happy to work with you to develop your knowledge and skills in the application of narrative therapy and help you reflect on your practice. You can contact us via email or phone call or check the website for the latest information.

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