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The History of the Narrative Therapy Centre

The Narrative Therapy Centre was started in 1995 by Gaye Stockell and Marilyn O’Neill. Located in Sydney, the centre provides counselling and therapy using a narrative perspective.

The founders, Gary and Marilyn, have been working together since 1988. They worked side by side as Counsellors in community mental health. In the late eighties, they discovered the role of the narrative perspective in therapy. They were enthralled with the approach and its positive outcomes to mental health and therapy. Through this discovery, they began to develop a new level of energy and ideas to use good therapeutic approaches to bring about positive outcomes.

They are very passionate about narrative therapy. They have been able to see and experience the impact that the narrative therapy system has had on individuals, couples, and families. They aim to use narrative therapy ideas to help all who consult them to regain their mental health. The goal is to help them heal and living the kind of life they want for themselves.  Therefore, they are dedicated to developing Narrative Therapy and teaching it to others to experience that same level of impact.

They are more than happy to work with and teach colleagues about the narrative ideas helpfully and respectfully. They attend conferences home and abroad to work with other counsellors to help them develop their practices and improve their work. They bring a vibrant and engaging new energy to narrative therapy and pass on that energy to their colleagues. Marilyn is engaged in a Narrative Therapy Community Work in which she is teaching three generations of practitioners to begin teaching narrative ideas to others.

The two founders have furthered their education in the field all in a bid to provide the very best. Gaye Stockell acquired a master’s degree in the field of Counselling Psychology. She is a registered and qualified Psychologist.

Marilyn O’Neill also acquired a master’s degree in Cultural Psychology. Marilyn is registered with CAPA as a clinical member. Both Marilyn and Gaye worked extensively with David Epston and Michael White, the two authors of the Narrative approach. They have trained with and consulted with the authors.

Over the space of thirty years, they have worked together to provide support for workers by providing counselling and training using the narrative approach. Some of the areas they have worked in include mental health, family support, alcohol and drugs, community health, indigenous community health issues, prisons, asylum seekers, human trafficking victims, adoption, young offenders, human tracing, sexual assault and health, and so on.

Marilyn is located at Crowns Nest, and Gaye is located at Woollahra. Due to geographical limitations and other factors, they might find it difficult to continue some of their ventures together. However, they are both always ready to work together again. They ensure to meet regularly to rub minds, develop their thinking and develop their practices.

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