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The History of the Narrative Therapy Centre

Marilyn O'Neill

Cultural Psychologies MA, Clinical Member CAPA and PACFA

Marilyn O’Neill is a qualified psychologist. She started working as a Counsellors in the 1980’s. She worked in mental health first before moving to private practice in 1996. She took an interest in the then newly developing Narrative therapy approach. She then founded the Narrative Therapy Centre alongside her friend and colleague, Gaye Stockell. Her practice offers training, counselling and supervision.

Marilyn is especially interested in finding new, more effective ways to help and support people who have suffered from trauma. Whether at the personal or community level, she is dedicated to providing help, providing professional supervision and teaching narrative ideas to counsellors and community workers.

Gaye Stockell

Member MAPS, Counselling Psychologist (Masters), Regd. Medicare Provider

Gaye Stockell is a psychologist. She specialised in Community Mental Health for eight years before starting her private practice in 1996 alongside friend and colleague, Marilyn O’Neill. She has a strong belief in the efficiency and effectiveness of narrative therapy.

She offers counselling service to people seeking support, be it individuals, couples or families. She can cater to an extensive range of concerns. Gaye also provides supervision for community teams and other mental health workers. She has taught and explored narrative therapy alongside the Dulwich Centre, her colleague Marilyn O’Neill and several others.

You can contact Gaye to learn about her work or get counselling through the following information,

Address: 16 Oxford Street, Woollahra 2025
Mobile: : 0411 581 355
Telephone: 61 2 9360 1810

Marilyn and Gaye have extensive experience in Narrative therapy. Their offer services in the,


At the Narrative Therapy Centre, Gaye and Marilyn provide therapy consultation to help people improve their mental health and begin to live the kind of life they want to live.


Gaye and Marilyn have had many teaching adventures over the years. Other colleagues shared these adventures such as Gill Freedman, Jane Hutton, and Mary-Denese Holmes, among others.


Gaye and Marilyn have been able to have conversations with colleagues about their practice and witness a dedication and commitment to their work.


Marilyn and Gaye have had several publications including

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