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Getting to Know Us

Welcome to Australian Narrative Therapy Centre in Sydney, NSW – We Are Committed to Maximising Narrative Therapy in Counselling

The idea of narrative therapy emerged in the 1980s. This was a result of the action of Michael White and his colleague, which included David Epston. They developed this approach to community work and counselling. This approach became prominent in 1990 following the book’s publication, “Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends.”

Generally, this approach which has become of great significance in recent times is a non-pathologising and collaborative approach to community work and counselling. This approach centres on people being regarded as the expert when it comes to their lives. In turn, this approach regards problems as distinct from people. Instead, it concludes that people have a wide range of skills, values, commitments, abilities, competencies and beliefs that redefine their existing relationship with the problems facing them.

Even more, this approach allows a consideration of the wide range of aspects when it comes to people’s lives. More, it extends to various dynamics such as class, race, sexual orientation and even gender.

This is what we do. At Australian Narrative Therapy Centre are an independent centre focusing on a narrative approach to therapy and community work. We continue to train and support a wide range of practitioners all around the world.

We are a supporter of this approach. We believe that’s a narrative approach to therapeutic discussions with couples, individuals, community groups, teams, and families represent the way forward towards therapeutic activities.

In turn, through this approach, we constantly find a way to encourage patient or adopt this approach where they reclaim ideas and enjoy a better understanding of who they are. We believe that a robust understanding of who we are will enable us to understand their capacity and what they can achieve.

We have a team of experts who are well knowledgeable when it comes to narrative techniques. Our team are counsellors who share the same ideology that has been at the foundation of all our activities at the Australian Narrative Centre.

Our counsellors are especially interested in finding new, more effective ways to help and support people who have suffered from trauma. Whether at the personal or community level, she is dedicated to providing help, providing professional supervision and teaching narrative ideas to counsellors and community workers.

Our supervisors, Gaye and Marilyn, also provide therapy consultation to help people improve their mental health and begin to live the kind of life they want to live. They then provide instructional support. For instance, Gaye and Marilyn have had many teaching adventures over the years. Other colleagues shared these adventures such as Gill Freedman, Jane Hutton, and Mary-Denese Holmes, among others.

Over the space of thirty years, they have worked together to provide support for workers by providing counselling and training using the narrative approach. Some of the areas they have worked in include mental health, family support, alcohol and drugs, community health, indigenous community health issues, prisons, asylum seekers, human trafficking victims, adoption, young offenders, human tracing, sexual assault and health, and so on.

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