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in Sydney, NSW - We Are Committed to Maximising Narrative Therapy in Counselling!

Welcome to Australian Narrative Therapy Centre

The Narrative Therapy Centre was started in 1995 by Gaye Stockell and Marilyn O’Neill. Located in Sydney, the centre provides counselling and therapy using a narrative perspective. At Australian Narrative Therapy Centre are an independent centre focusing on a narrative approach to therapy and community work. We continue to train and support a wide range of practitioners all around the world.

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Narrative Therapy

Our concern under narrative therapy concerns the following.

Narrative Therapy Explained

Narrative Therapy is a form of psychotherapy. It seeks to help people understand the values and skills ingrained in them and use that knowledge to confront problems in the present or future, find peace with events from the past and create the kind of life they desire. It is associated with both person-centred and collaborative therapy. It helps people in the process of becoming and learning to embrace being an expert in their lives, gently nudging them towards personal development and healing.

Collective Narrative Practices

Collective narrative practice is built on the practice and foundation of narrative therapy. It is an emerging field. Collective narrative practice is a practice that aims to reach and help groups or communities that have suffered from a significant collective experience. This practice is applied in contexts where therapy might not be effective due to the cultural system. The Collective narrative practice aims to help the group members or community tell their story in a way that would make them strong enough to recover from the experience.

Feminist Narrative Practice

Feminism is a collection of political movements, social movements, and ideologies aimed at establishing and defining the political, personal, social and economic equality of the different sexes. It takes the position that the male perspective is prioritised by society, leaving the women to face unjust treatment in society. Feminism also played a crucial role in raising questions that pertain to family therapy and the assumptions attached to it.

Events & Training

Our events and training cover the following areas.


Workshops are a great way for narrative therapy to be taught or introduced to anyone who needs it. Workshops are a great way for narrative therapy to be taught or introduced to anyone who needs it. Participants can experience hands-on lessons in narrative therapy. The class-like setting allows the participant to go through a series of lessons and classes, some spanning days, coupled with individual or group activities that help to assimilate the lessons.


Narrative Supervision is a form of collaborative supervision. The method is useful for a variety of workers and professionals in both private and public practice. The founders, Gaye Stockell and Marilyn O’Neill have taken part in several conversations and supervision consultations with colleagues in their practices. We offer both individual and group supervisions for all those interested in being supervised in using the Narrative principles.

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